A deterrent for terrorism

Most of the world is aware of the recent Muslim terrorist attack in Paris, France. The world is shocked by the brutality of these misguided terrorists. “Why do these killers wish to harm so many innocent people?” is a question that many concerned citizens of planet earth are asking themselves.

Do you remember the 132 schoolchildren murdered in December of 2014 at a Pakistan school by members of the Taliban terrorist group? We hear about Muslim’s beheading Americans in other nations and even in America. Are we getting desensitized to these news reports? Our government attempts to call Muslim’s killing Americans in our nation, just “workplace violence”…even when they maintain they did it for Allah!

Why do these Muslim terrorists wish to destroy those who do not embrace their religious convictions concerning Islam? Where do these radical Muslims get their belief system? If you examine their holy book the Quran, you can find teachings that would lead many strict adherents of the faith to commit acts of terror to those who oppose their faith. What would be your worldview if you grew up in a radicalized Muslim home?

It was encouraging to see the massive protest against Islamic terrorism in Paris on January 10th. It is long overdue, that moderate Muslims and non-Muslims unite in the insistence that all Muslim terrorist activities cease in our world. Today Jewish people do not call for the total destruction of their enemies (as commanded in the Old Testament). Muslims in our modern world must not apply a literal interpretation of everything taught in the Quran.

A major factor that fuels Muslim terrorism is the belief that the suicidal believer that is killed destroying Allah’s enemies will receive a guaranteed ticket to heaven — along with a great “rewards package.” Some governments have sought a deterrent to Muslim terrorism by providing pigskin burials for killed terrorists (Muslim teachings forbid such burial practices for entrance to heaven). The British government practiced this “pigskin deterrent” when they controlled many areas of the Middle East in past history. The Russian government buried all 32 Muslim terrorists in pigskin that brought about the deaths of 334 Russian schoolchildren in 2004. Why hasn’t our American government issued this guaranteed burial plan to Muslim perpetrators of terrorism? Just as the death penalty doesn’t discourage all murders, it has probably saved many innocent lives; many potential terrorists may reconsider their career plans with this deterrent, due to the low probability of receiving the Rewards Package.

“As a young girl, I couldn’t understand why human beings committed such horrific acts against other humans during World War II, commented Fox News Martha MacCallum on her morning television program on January 14, 2015.

As I have previously pointed out, Americans are puzzled by the evil they see committed by Muslim terrorists. Most Americans believe we as a people are above such despicable behavior. Really. Millions of Americans are blind to the fact that we have legally destroyed over 50 million unborn children in our nation!

Years ago at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C., Mother Teresa warned us about the evils of killing the unborn child. She warned us that America would see more violence in its future because of legalized abortion. What is the ultimate solution to violence in this world? Our Heavenly Father sent His solution for our human depravity many years ago (John 3:16 & 14:6; Romans 10:13). The real question is: Will we receive His solution?