Privacy invasion inspires reader to take a first step

Letter to the Editor

Posted: Friday, October 26, 2007

I thoroughly enjoyed Nan Misner's article "To pee or not to pee," and the title was certainly eye-catching.

I remember pondering the thought-provoking phrase her husband was quoted as saying about "making choices as to what is worthy to give up our personal freedoms for on a daily basis." How very true.

It also helped me to know at least one other person felt personally affronted by these privacy invasions.

It seems the list of offensive items grows daily in my book. When I complain, my one voice is seldom heard. But many voices complaining can certainly stir things up. Don't just put up and shut up, as the old saying goes.

Open your mouth to the small injustices you see around you. Your willingness to take the first step might make another take notice and take action.

So, my first baby step is to ask everyone to pay attention to the magazines on display in the checkout stands at your local grocery store.

Is anyone else offended that Cosmopolitan magazine is unavoidable to the scanning young eyes of our children? The near to pornographic phrasing used on the front cover of this magazine to promote the articles within is enough to warrant it a secluded and covered berth, preferably back on the magazine aisle.

At least Fred Meyer has an advertised Family Friendly checkout.

Personal privacy is going fast. Let's hope our freedom of speech doesn't take a hit, as well.

Keep those articles coming Ms. Misner. I'd be willing to bet there's more people who enjoy them and find them a refreshing change from the usual chit chat that normally pervades a small community newspaper. And everyone else, don't forget to fill out those customer comment cards at the grocery store.

Jean Kudyba


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