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Posted: Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Nikiski's Hall fourth at Junior Olympics

Nikiski senior Zack Hall turned in the top Kenai Peninsula performance Monday at the sprint races at the 2002 Junior Olympics Cross Country Championships in McCall, Idaho.

Hall led the five-member peninsula contingent by finishing fourth in the Junior 1 sprint race. Hall also was the top Alaska finisher in the race.

Overall, it was a solid day for the always-powerful group of Alaska skiers. The Alaskans won four of the six races contested Monday.

Kikkan Randall, a 2001 graduate of East High in Anchorage and a 2002 Olympian, led the Alaskans by taking the Older Junior race.

Other Alaskans to take victories were Ben Crawford in the Older Junior race, Matthew Johnson in the Junior 2 race and Mandy Brassfield in the Junior 2 race.

In the boys Junior 1 race, Soldotna High School junior Daniel Harro finished 26th, while SoHi senior Brent Knight finished 33rd.

In the girls Junior 1 race, Kenai Central senior Mary Krusen was 52nd, while SoHi junior Rachel Goldstein was 64th.

Also Monday, 2001 Homer graduate Ida Martin, competing for the Rocky Mountain region, was 22nd in the women's Older Junior race; and 2001 Soldotna graduate Andy Liebner, competing for the Great Lakes region, was 36th in the men's Older Junior race.

The Junior Olympics continue with a classical race today, a freestyle race Friday and relay races Saturday.

2002 Junior Olympics Cross Country Championships

Monday's sprint results at McCall, Idaho

Older Junior

Finalists -- 1. Ben Crawford, Alaska; 2. Leif Zimmerman, Intermountain; 3. Ben Morley, Rocky Mountain; 4. David Smutok, New England; 5. Dan Whipple, Midwest; 6. Mark Iverson, AK; 7. Ryan Foster, NE; 8. Andrew Kastning, RM; 9. Nate Green, AK; 10. Charles Renfro, AK; 11. Garrot Kuzzy, MW; 12. Tony Bozzio, Far West. Other Alaska finishers -- 17. Brent Lowen; 19. Casey Fagerquist; 22. Colin Quinn-Hurst; 24. Zach Hill; 40. Mark Brady.

Junior 1

Finalists -- 1. Ben Cline, MW; 2. Sam Naney, PNSA; 3. Nick Sterling, FW; 4. Zachary Hall, Nikiski, Alaska; 5. Knute Sands, MW; 6. Morgan Brown, NE. Other Alaska finishers -- 11. Donovan Walsh; 20. Tyson Flaharty; 26. Daniel Harro, Soldotna; 33. Brent Knight, Soldotna; 42. Ryan Holtan; 46. Zach Via; 49. Bart Dengel; 54. Dylan Watts.

Junior 2

Finalists -- 1. Matthew Johnson, AK; 2. Justin Singleton, AK; 3. Simi Hamilton, RM; 4. Jackson Harris, INT; 5. Cameron MacKugler, NE; 6. Dylan Pera, Great Lakes; 7. Seth Alt, INT; 8. Mike Bestwick, INT; 9. Alex Ostrander, MW; 10. Chase Cleveland, INT; 11. Brett Broda, AK; 12. Dominic Henriques, FW; 13. Joaquin Goodpaster, FW; 14. Marc Vanderhoff, NE; 15. Simon Thomas-Train, MA. Other Alaska finishers -- 21. Daniel Clark, 22. Mike Hinckley; 27. Daichi Ito.


Older Junior

Finalists -- 1. Kikkan Randall, AK; 2. Nicole DeYong, AK; 3. Jenny Abraham, MW; 4. Kassie Rice, AK; 5. Berkley Leach, MID; 6. Jess Gray, RM. Other Alaska finishers -- 8. Christina May; 20. Sarah Quimby.

Junior 1

Finalists -- 1. Lindsay Williams, MW; 2. Katie Ronsse, AK; 3. Kristina Trygstad, INT; 4. Paige Brady, AK; 5. Alison Crocker, NE; 6. Lindsey Weier, MW; 7. Molly Gray, NE; 8. Erin Pittenger, INT; 9. Mariah Reddick, INT; 10. Laura Valaas, PNSA. Other Alaska finishers -- 18. Sally Johnson; 21. Caroline Livett; 22. Davya Baker; 32. Jenna Farleigh; 37. Renae Moore; 42. Rachel Mathis; 44. Justin Calvin; 45. Amanda Vincent-Lange; 52. Mary Krusen; 58. Emma Lohr; 60. Tamra Kornfield; 61. Ashley Helmers; 64. Rachel Goldstein; 67. Anna Barnwell.

Junior 2

Finalists -- 1. Mandy Brassfield, AK; 2. Tiffany Callahan, INT; 3. Tazlina Mannix, AK; 4. Frasier Opel, INT; 5. Morgan Smyth, NE; 6. Elsa Sargent, NE; 7. Natalie Joffe, FW; 8. Susan Dunklee, NE; 9. Alexa Unser, INT; 10. Adele Mery, AK; 11. Kathleen Dewahl, MW; 12. Kara Lapoint, FW; 13. Sarah Armstrong, FW; 14. Krysia Crabtree, RM; 15. Jennifer Myers, FW; 16. Laura Edlund, MW. Other Alaska finishers -- 22. Elizabeth Quinley; 36. Lana Mathis; 44. Elizabeth Embick.

Seward to host basketball, volleyball tourneys

The Seward Parks and Recreation Department will host a volleyball tournament and a basketball tournament.

The Avalanche Classic basketball tournament is slated for March 23 and 24. The tournament will follow a round robin format, with top teams advancing to a single-elimination final in the A and Open Division or the B and C Division. Teams are guaranteed at least three games.

Registration is $230 for earlybirds (due March 8), $265 for regular registration (due March 15) or $295 after March 15.

The Cupid's Cup volleyball tournament for adult coed teams has been scheduled for March 23. The tournament will follow a round robin format with single-elimination gold and silver division play after pool play. Teams are guaranteed three matches.

Matches will be best-of-three games using the 25-point rally scoring rules.

The entry fee is $249 before March 15 or $299 after March 15.

For more information or to register for either tournament, contact the Seward Parks and Recreation Department by phone at 224-4054, by fax at 224-4051 or by e-mail at

Middle school students compete at boroughs

Kenai's Clay Nelson and Soldotna's Laura Harro took the top spots in the Kenai Peninsula Borough Middle School Cross-Country Ski Championship meet Friday and Saturday in Seward.

The boys and girls each skied a 3-kilometer freestyle race at the Mile 12 ski trails, then finished the meet with a 2-kilometer classical race on the trails at Seward Middle-High School.

Nelson won both the freestyle and classical boys races, finishing with an overall time of 16 minutes, 5 seconds. Homer's Joshua Strutz was second in the overall standings, followed by Kyle Latz of Kenai, Chris Hall of Nikiski and Les Krusen of Kenai.

Harro took the girls freestyle race, and teammate Kendra Merkes won the classical event.

Harro hung on to the lead in the girls overall standings with a time of 19:05, followed by Soldotna's Leslie Landess, Merkes, Kyenna McKinstry of Homer and Alina Rykaczewski, also of Homer.

Kenai Peninsula Borough Middle School Cross-Country Ski Championships

Friday and Saturday at Seward


Overall results (3-kilometer freestyle and 2-kilometer classical) -- 1. Laura Harro, Sol, 19:05; 2. Leslie Landess, Sol, 19:35; 3. Kendra Merkes, Sol, 20:06; 4. Kyenna McKinstry, Hom, 20:48; 5. Alina Rykaczewski, Hom, 21:35; 6. Laura Rooper, Nik, 22:22; 7. Hannah Harrison, Hom, 22:38; 8. Kelli Anne McKune, Hom, 22:43; 9. Malory Hines, Hom, 22:55; 10. Kristin Van Trease, Hom, 23:05; 11. Arial Baker, Sol, 23:42; 12. Sasha Anderson, Sol, 24:12; 13. Erica Thye, Nik, 24:34; 14. Kasey Arderhold, Hom, 24:34; 15. Nyssa Baechler, Hom, 25:09; 16. Katie Ford, Ken, 25:42; 17. Amy Hundertmark, Sol, 25:52; 18. Amy Fell, Hom, 26:53; 19. Kelly Eshelman, Sol, 29:29; 20. Carson Tippit, Sew, 29:32; 21. Lydia Ames, Sol, 30:09; 22. Sara Shoemaker, Sol, 30:16; 23. Mandy Grenier, 30:26; 24. Amanda Sassi, Ken, 34:10.

Overall results (3-kilometer freestyle, 2-kilometer classical) -- 1. Clay Nelson, Ken, 16:05; 2. Joshua Strutz, Hom, 16:24; 3. Kyle Latz, Ken, 16:46; 4. Chris Hall, Nik, 17:51; 5. Les Krusen, Ken, 18:14; 6. Kipp Dixon, Sew, 18:35; 7. Taylor Kornikis, Sol, 19:08; 8. Max Milliorn, Sol, 19:10; 9. Mike Hack, Nik, 19:19; 10. (tie) Jong Kim, Sew, 19:28; 10. (tie) Jeremy Carroll, Nik, 19:28; 12. David Apperson, Sew, 19:53; 13. Alex Cox, Sol, 20:11; 14. Sean Twoly, Sol, 21:05; 15. Nick Yoncher, Nik, 21:09; 16. Rob Berkhahn, Sol, 21:23; 17. Garrett Hoanan, Hom, 21:31; 18. Tyler Roesch, Sol, 21:32; 19. Brooke Carve, Sol, 21:54; 20. D.C. Reid, Ken, 22:07; 21. Kelly Skipwith, Sol, 22:18; 22. Kyle Cowen, Sol, 22:25; 23. Levi Ryan, Hom, 22:27; 24. Kirk Louthan, Ken, 23:35; 25. Colin McArthur, Hom, 23:36; 26. Tad Martin, Hom, 24:10; 27. Jacob Franzman, Sol, 24:54; 28. Ronn Miller, Nik, 25:51; 29. Ju Kim, Ken, 26:11; 30. Kelly Seggerman, Sol, 26:39; 31. Nathan Landen, Hom, 27:08; 32. Alex Rodgers, Sol, 27:31; 33. Joel Ribbens, Nik, 29:52.

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